Ždánice Town Council

Ždánice Town Council is our partner in the small South Moravian town of Ždánice in the Czech Republic, with the enthusiastic mayor and several members of the environment committee being assisted by the environmental NGO Daphne. The Town Council owns some of the last remaining unimproved grassland as common land in what is locally called ‘butterfly valley’. Research into the butterflies there has been carried out by Daphne with Martin Konvicka and his students from the department of Entomology in Ceske Budejovice University.

‘Butterfly valley’ supports a good populations of the Mountain Alcon Blue (Maculinea alcon rebeli) and Nickerl’s Fritillary (Melitaea aurelia), and the Town Council is very keen not only to maintain conservation management and grazing in the valley, but also to encourage eco-tourism in the area because it could be a considerable boost to the local economy.