Pogány-Havas Association

The Pogány-Havas Association (Pagan Snow Cap Association) is based in the Csík and Gyimes area of Romania. The Association was founded in 1999 by Hargita County Council. Its founding members are the local councils of seven municipalities as well as local NGOs and entrepreneurs. These entities work together to form common goals, expand the local economy and develop tourism. The association’s office is in Csíksomlyó. They work on a range of projects to increase local incomes, preserve the region’s cultural heritage, and conserve the natural environment.

  • To encourage tourism in the region by offering a booking and information service, working with guesthouse owners, producing tourist information, and organising a tourism round-table for local entrepreneurs. The B&B providers are financing a young specialist to work full time on our tourism projects.
  • To support traditional agriculture and boost farm incomes through training programmes and study tours for farmers, encouraging development of new dairy products, providing information about ecological farming and organic conversion, and helping farmers’ associations to increase the quality of their milk through ownership of milk collection and testing equipment.
  • To work with scientists and NGOs to catalogue and conserve the special animal and plant life of the region, especially in its wetlands and hay meadows.
  • To run nature protection projects in the Csík-Gyimes Naturpark, and to prepare and promote the area as an eco-tourism destination.
  • To produce an inventory of the most important examples of traditional village houses, and help to preserve the &ldquovillage view” by encouraging people to restore their old houses, and through architecture competitions to design modern homes that incorporate traditional design elements and materials.
  • To involve young people in the “lifeschool programme” – which is an opportunity for them to learn new skills, get involved in community and environmental protection projects, and take part in study tours abroad.
  • To develop education programmes, helping people in the community to apply for business-support grants, and assisting farmers to get grants for environmental land management.
  • www.treasuresoftransylvania.org