Fundatia Adept

The landscapes of Transilvania (the Romanian spelling) still retain an exceptional biodiversity which was created by farmers over hundreds of years, and can only be preserved by continued traditional management by the farmers there today. ADEPT has been working since 2002 with farmers, local communities, universities, other NGOs, and government at all levels in order to solve the range of problems threatening the survival of this remarkable landscape and of the small-scale farming communities living within it.

Saving this area is of great importance not only for its own sake – the species and habitats, the agricultural system in harmony with them, and the livelihoods of small-scale farming communities who live there – but also for what we can learn from it about saving or restoring similar areas elsewhere in Europe.

Fundatia ADEPT is carrying out an integrated programme linking economic and social benefits with biodiversity conservation, and raising local capacity for good management in the future. We bring together Romanian and wider European expertise to carry out innovative nature conservation and rural development projects that are firmly rooted in local communities.