Fundación para la conservación del Quebrantahuesos

The Foundation for the Conservation of the Bearded Vulture was created in 1995 to carry out actions related to research, conservation and public information, with the aim of increasing the populations of the Bearded Vulture (Lammergeier) in the Spanish mountains.

This is a non-governmental organisation, made up of naturalists and experts in ecology, environmental law, biology, geography and veterinary science linked to different sectors related to the research and conservation of natural heritage. Its aims include:

  • To contribute to the scientific knowledge of the Bearded Vulture in order to establish solid criteria for its management.
  • To carry out projects and conservation activities in the natural habitat of the Bearded Vulture, understanding as such all the territories and ecosystems where they were historically distributed.
  • To foster information exchange and international and interregional cooperation in order to develop common conservation projects.
  • To provide training, inform and socially promote the values linked to the conservation of our natural heritage.
  • To foster sustainable development and the rational use of natural resources in ways compatible with the general aim of conserving the species and its habitat.

EuCAN’s activities will be in the Picos de Europa close to the north coast of Spain where we will be involved with the Bearded Vulture re-introduction scheme and the sustainable grazing and small-scale food-production programmes in the National Park and its surroundings, including the restoration of the high-altitude shepherds’ huts that are essential for the conservation grazing schemes.