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Wildlife Holiday to Hungary May 8th - 17th 2018

We are organising another wildlife holiday to Hungary in May which we hope our friends, EuCAN members and their contacts might be interested in. We will be visiting Fertö-Hansag National Park in the west and Aggtelek NP in the northeast of Hungary to explore the fantastic bird, insect and plant life that these areas are renowned for. Mid-May will be a perfect time for breeding birds as well as interesting passage migrants, there should be plenty of butterflies and moths on the wing – on our last trip in 2015 we recorded 58 species of butterflies and 98 species of mainly macro-moths, and the wildflowers of the limestone karst landscape of Aggtelek will be spectacular and include some great rarities and a few endemic species. See for information about our last visit.

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For further information, please go to this page.

All this information and details about the leaders is on this flier. All proceeds from this holiday will be used to fund our conservation activities in the UK and elsewhere with our partners in Europe. Please forward this information and the link as widely as possible, via email or social media.

Aggtelek flier June 2018 compressed for png 3

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