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Making hay while the sun shines!

15 EuCAN volunteers helped with the hay harvest on the Terrace fields on the edge of Sherborne, brushcutting the crop, turning the cut grass, turning again and rowing it up prior to the baling. Roy Attfield from Green Valley Yurts in Godmanstone brought a small baler which was ideal for the size of the fields. We ended up with 77 bales of good hay which will feed our Dartmoor ponies during the winter.

Click on the images to enlarge:

Hay turning Terraces July 2020

turning the hay to enable it to dry – using our wonderful Transylvanian rakes

Haymaking on the Terraces 22.7.20 .2

rowing up and baling

Haymaking on the Terraces 22.7.20

Haymaking on the Terraces 22.7.20 .3

and the sun continued to shine for us to load up the bales and remove them from the site!