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Jim Toner

Jim Toner 1

Jim Toner.  13th September 1942 – 11th September 2021

Dave Searle, the Coordinator of the EuCAN Dorset Midweek Volunteers, has written this about dear Jim who was a regular participant in the DMV activities.

A modest, charitable and pragmatic man with a good sense of humour, Jim’s career included time in the merchant navy, a brewery, and mental-health nursing. His interests included environmental issues, geology, dry-stone walling, his garden (many of us have clones of his fig tree), and painting (often done to special request, and always given free of charge).

When he knew his condition was terminal and that his time was limited, Jim commented that he was grateful that he would have a good death. He used that time to make all the necessary arrangements, and gave away most of his possessions. .. but then decided that he had time to do more paintings for others – even though they might not be completed. Typically, he wanted no fuss or sympathy, so asked that news of his illness should not be spread around. If anybody asked about his absence from our weekly sessions, a “Bad Back” should be given as the reason.

I know there are many other acquaintances… including random strangers (especially ladies, it seems) who, after sitting next to Jim on a bus, would know all about stromatolites.