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Croatian Bird-ringing Camps

Last year, for the fifth time, The BIOM Association, in cooperation with Učka Nature Park, organised the ornithological camp in Učka Nature Park in order to track autumn migration and carry out bird ringing.

Vedran Lucić, the office manager at the BIOM Association and one of the organisers, writes: the camp was organised from 20th August to 29th September on the Rovozna pond in the south part of Učka Nature Park. Although the plan was to ring birds for 50 days, unfortunately the camp had to be closed after 43 days after an unknown vandal destroyed the mist nets.

During the camp, a total of 1000 birds were ringed and 41 different species were recorded from the nets. For 18 species there were more than 10 individuals ringed. The most common birds were Erithacus rubecula – Robin (274), Sylvia atricapilla – Blackcap (116), Phylloscopus sibilatrix – Wood warbler (100), Sylvia borin – Garden warbler (84), Parus ater – Coal tit (73), Turdus merula – Blackbird (39), Hippolais icterina – Icterine warbler (38), Ficedula hypoleuca – Pied flycatcher (33), Phylloscopus collybita – Chiffchaff (24) and Parus major – Great tit (22).

Croatian bird-ringing camp 2012

All the participants and visitors to the camp expressed positive impressions about it. Despite the fairly basic conditions, the majority of visitors expressed the intention to re-visit the camp the following year.

You can check daily statistics and a list of species ringed here. You will notice that we didn’t have a high bird total (by individuals) but we had a very good variety of species, a great time cooking on the camp fire, a wild cat as a visitor, a fox as a pet, an Aesculapian snake which destroyed a Hazel dormouse nest, Edible dormice squeaking during the nights, Griffon Vultures passing by, a Parasol mushroom feast, crossbills ringed, and many other exciting highlights!


More info on the 2017 camp will be available soon.

Thank you to you all for your interest and/or participation!
Vedran Lucić, office manager at BIOM Association
tel: 095 9059948