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Croatia partnership - exciting new opportunities!

Over the last three years we have been establishing a partnership with two organisations in Croatia and this is now providing the opportunity for two visits in 2015: an initial surveying visit scheduled for May 18th – 24th and a practical conservation visit in the autumn to work with our other partner,  BIOM , during the annual birdringing camp in the rich grassland, woodland and scrub habitats of the Ucka area where the camp is held. During previous years EuCAN members have joined in this ringing camp (to read the report click here).

Initially we are looking for experienced naturalists to join us for a visit to the Zabok area north of the capital Zagreb in May, where we will be working with local experts to survey the biodiversity of land which is at present only used as a hunting reserve in the winter season; this will be a first step to establishing an eco-tourism enterprise which will bring business into the region and underline the importance of the rich flora and fauna there.


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