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Conservation working holiday to La Brenne Nov 21st - 30th

Join us for our next visit to our partners and friends in La Brenne in central France November 21st – 30th 2017. We aim to take a group of 12-15 enthusiastic people to work with the staff and volunteers of La Chérine Nature Reserve in the woodlands, reedbeds and pastures there. This is a wonderfully rich area for wildlife and even in the winter there will be plenty to see, especially the birds – the flocks of overwintering cranes there now number over 4000, a fantastic spectacle! Read about our conservation visit last November here and about our wildlife study tour this July here. The albums of photos from both these visits to La Brenne are on Flickr here




This will be a practical conservation visit to our partners in this beautiful area of France and we will be expecting to work for five of the days we are there. It may be cold and/or wet! But we have also been there in the winter when it has been absolutely beautiful! There will be plenty of scope for chainsaw and brushcutter operators with valid tickets to work with us and it will give an opportunity for recently trained operators to get a continuous block of practice. We have visited La Brenne on many occasions in the past and have carried out some very useful work with them while having a great time and enjoying the food, wine, beautiful places and the wildlife. We have always been shown wonderful hospitality during our visits there.

La Touche Fritillaries March 2017

Snakeshead Fritillaries have returned in huge numbers in the former meadow area we have been working on during recent years.

This Brenne visit costs a minimum of £150 if you are out of work or £300 minimum if you are employed or on a pension. This is a subsidised price so if you can pay more, we would appreciate it! We also ask participants to join the CIC – the sub is a one-off payment of £10 or £5 for concessions ( see )

The joining instructions for this visit are here. If you would like to be considered, please fill in this expression of interest form as soon as possible. We would like to ensure that we have a balanced group (from the point of view of age, interests, gender and experience) and that the visit will be financially viable. Once you have been accepted for this visit, you will be asked to complete the registration form and transfer your payment into the EuCAN bank account.

Click here for the hazard analysis for this visit .

 If you know of anyone who might be interested in this, please forward this page to them with the pdf of the publicity poster, the joining instructions and the expression of interest form.