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Butterfly Camp in western Hungary July 2015

The Hungarian Natural Heritage Trust and our lepidopterist friend Safi (Safian Szabolcs) are organising another Butterfly Camp in Kercaszomor next to Orseg National Park in western Hungary. The dates are July 20th Р26th. The butterflies and moths there are fantastic, the food is delicious and the everyone is extremely welcoming!

Scarce Large Blue Maculinea telejus 2

Scarce Large Blue (Maculinea telejus)

The target species for the survey work during this period will be the four species of Large Blues – Large Blue (Maculinea arion), Alcon Blue (M. alcon), Scarce Large Blue (M. telejus) and Dusky Large Blue (M. nausithous).

Alcon Blue  Maculinea alcon

Alcon Blue (Maculinea alcon)

To see further info about this opportunity, click here .