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10 Oct 2023

Wildflower meadow maintenance in Charminster and Hazelbury Bryan

Charminster and Hazelbury Bryan

The Community field is a small wildflower meadow next to the Cerne river in the northern side of Charminster that we have been developing for a number of years with plugplants we have grown and locally sourced wildflower seed. As everywhere else we were unable to make hay there this year and so cut the grass last week and piled it up. This week we will spend the morning moving the cut grass to the dump site in a corner of the field and cut the remaining rank material and some scrub.
We shall meet at 9am, parking in the field – see map. It is a busy road so take care turning into the field.
At lunchtime (or earlier if we finish before) we will move to Hazelbury Bryan to clear up the small field up from the ‘Keep’ field and next to the Antelope pub. The grass there will have been cut in the morning. We shall scarify parts of it and sow Yellow Rattle seed in anticipation of the rain that is supposedly on its way this week.