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22 May 2024

June 8th - 10th 2018 Chedington Woods surveying weekend and camp, NW Dorset

June 8th – 10th Survey weekend in Chedington Woods NW Dorset.  We are looking for a team of experts and trainees, both amateurs and professionals, to take part in a weekend of surveying and recording a wide range of animals and plants in this under-recorded area of Dorset.

A comprehensive survey of this land was carried out between 2006 and 2010 but little has been done recently. Now the owners Mr and Mrs Appleby, and the forester of Chedington Woods, Oliver Frost, are very keen to continue this on a regular basis, starting with a weekend’s ‘bioblitz’ in June during which EuCAN and the Dorset branch of Butterfly Conservation will collaborate to record as much as possible of as many taxa as our expertise allows.

Wood White - a rare species in Dorset which could thrive in Chedington Woods if introduced

Wood White – a rare species in Dorset which could thrive in Chedington Woods if introduced

Ideally we would like to record bird territories with possibly some ringing; butterfly species by exploring as much of the area as possible; moths by setting up light traps on both the nights; lichens, ferns, mosses and other lower plants; bats by carrying out dusk and night walks; wildflower identification and recording; invertebrates as well as Lepidoptera.

Cloaked Pug, one of the rarities found in Chedington Woods.

Cloaked Pug, one of the rarities found in Chedington Woods.

Accommodation will be in tents next to the farm buildings at Wyke Farm but there is also limited accommodation in a holiday cottage which we have kindly been given the use of for the weekend. Campers please bring your own tents (we have a small number to lend). Numbers will be limited to 20-25; it will not be essential to stay the entire weekend and day visitors are welcome. Food will be provided over the weekend, from a welcoming tea and cake at 4.30 pm on the Friday afternoon to a final debrief and unwinding session over a cup of tea at 4pm on the Sunday. On the first evening we will cook up a big pot of goulash, on the Saturday evening there will be a BBQ – outside, weather permitting.

The SSSI on Whitevine Farm is part of the same land holding (see map below). This spectacular hay meadow will be approaching its best and we will aim to visit here if there is time on the Sunday afternoon.

Booking is essential for this weekend – click here for a booking form. To cover the costs for the weekend we are asking for a contribution of £30 (or £15 camping for half the weekend, and £10 per day for day visitors to include one lunch and one tea), see booking form for bank details for BACS payments.

For the programme for the weekend click here.

For the Risk Assessment for the weekend click here.

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