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19 Sep 2023

Grassland management on the Keep field at Hazelbury Bryan

Hazelbury Bryan - opposite the Antelope Inn

The Keep is a small wild area adjacent to the Recreation Ground and allotments in Hazelbury Bryan, managed by  EuCAN CIC in conjunction with the Parish Council for over seven years. It has a stream flowing through it and some interesting patches of damp pasture. Over recent years we have sown wildflower seed and planted plugplants, grazed it with ponies and cut it annually for hay, and the result has been an impressive improvement in the diversity of the vegetation.
Today we shall be continuing with the cutting of the main area and removing it – we have not been able to take a hay crop as the weather has been so difficult. If there is time we may make a start on the area across the stream.
We shall start at 9am but we will be easy to find if you arrive later. Please let me know if you can join us.
Wear tickproof trousers and bring your refreshments and gloves.
Brushcutter operators bring PPE please.