Wildlife Holiday to Hungary May 8th - 17th 2018


Scarce Fritillary  Euphydras maturna, surprisingly abundant in several sites we visited.

We organised another wildlife holiday to Hungary in May 2018 . There were seven in our group with our friend Andras Szabadfalvi joining us for part of the trip. We visited Fertö-Hansag National Park in the west staying in the Rozalia Guesthouse in Sarrod for three nights before transferring to Aggtelek NP in the northeast of Hungary for a further six nights at the Tengerszem Hotel in the beautiful village of Jósvafö, to explore the fantastic bird, insect and plant life there.

These joining instructions give a good idea of the variety of sites that we visited and the richness of the wildlife in the two areas.

We had taken a holiday group to Aggtelek in 2015 – see http://www.eucan.org.uk/europe/2015-wildlife-holiday-to-aggtelek-national-park-northern-hungary/ for information about this visit, and Click here for the 2015 photos.

Anomalous Blue habitat Perkupa.jpg (640x480)


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Southern Festoon Zerinthia polyxena. Click to enlarge.

All proceeds from this holiday were used to fund our conservation activities in the UK .

Aggtelek flier June 2018 compressed for png 3

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To see the species lists for this holiday click on these links: Birds , Butterflies, Moths .