Study tour to Serbia April 23rd - 28th 2018

In partnership with the Institute of Nature Conservation of Vojvodina in eastern Serbia,  EuCAN organised a Study Tour to this fascinating and little known area of Europe. Aimed at land managers and nature conservationists the group of 5 were given an insight into how common problems associated with intensive agriculture and the natural environment are being addressed at a local level in Serbia, as well as being provided with an opportunity to see a wide range of animals and plants not found in the UK.

Vojvodina is an autonomous Province of Serbia which lies north of Belgrade in the south east part of the Pannonian Plain bordered by Croatia, Hungary and Romania. Divided by the Danube and Tisza rivers, the area is predominantly agricultural, but has 5% designated as protected nature conservation areas,  including wetlands, salt pastures and woodlands important for birds, plants and mammals. As well as understanding and discussing the challenges of protecting and integrating nature conservation management into an intensively farmed landscape, the Group , were also introduced to other pressing issues such as the impact of erosion, drought, pesticides, pollution and invasive species in the wider landscape. We were based in Novi Sad for five nights.




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There were three days of site visits including the protected areas of Slano Kopovo, Rusanda and Fruska Gora. The fourth day included a tour of the Institute including a feedback session and a free afternoon to explore Novi Sad.

To see the Flickr collection of photos from this visit, click here  and here for background info.

Early Spider Orchid  Ophrys sphegodes

Early Spider Orchid Ophrys sphegodes


Common Glider Neptis sappho:  larval foodplant various vetches