July 2008 Aggtelek

Our second visit to Aggtelek, this time at the height of summer so that we could survey the butterflies of some of the less visited areas of the National Park. We did this under the supervision of Janos Tòth, a PhD student from Debrecen University – with his help we identified 92 species of butterflies.

Some of the group made the journey out in the minibus, camping on the way – this gave us our first experience of Fertö-Hansag National Park in western Hungary where we stayed in the fantastic wood and thatch national park hostel/HQ. Amazing birds there too.

Highlights in Aggtelek included the unbelievable wealth of animal and plant life there; the giant carnivorous, all female Bushcricket, Saga pedo; the winetasting and meal at the cellar at Bodrogkisfalud; the evening at the local village dance; and being invited out to lunch with the Mayor of Szögliget at the local school.


Ruth Testa Christine Tracey
James Maher Jonathan Machin
Kelly Thomas Richard Belding
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September 2008 Aggtelek

The aim of this visit was to continue with the scrub clearance we had started in 2007 and to extend the work to another site which is an important habitat for Large Blue, Alcon Blue and Scarce Large Blue butterflies. It was very hot! 37°C was the highest September temperature recorded for the area!

Particularly memorable (from a series of experiences all of them memorable!) was the visit to the cave to net bats, where we saw nine species of bat in the hand (and heard Edible Dormice calling), the Clifden Nonpareil moth in the moth trap, the exhilarating riding expedition which some of the group took part in, the bike ride into the hills and the visit to the annual Bird ringing camp where we were able to see a great variety of birds at close quarters. Not to forget the extraordinary Marzipan museum in Eger where nearly everything is made of marzipan.



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