September 2007

Our very first EuCAN placement. Special memories are of our visits to some of the amazing cave systems for which the Aggtelek National Park is world-famous; the nocturnal expedition in the Russian UAZ so-called four wheel drive van to a small cave where we watched our host Sandor catch five different species of bats as they emerged; the visit to the autumn bird-ringing camp at Szallona; the hospitality and friendliness of the Eszter and her family who cooked for us, and of all the people associated with the National Park and the village of Szögliget where we stayed.

We worked with a group of Hungarian students from Debrecen for a week and on one day with students from Gödöllö University. Our work involved clearing hornbeam and blackthorn scrub invading the former pasturelands around the deserted village of Acskó and cutting and burning sallow on the BirdLife Hungary reserve near Gömörszölös in the western end of the National Park.


Alex Bush James Broomfield
Dave Dallimore Mel Jones
Holly Smith Sam Stewart
Derek Young Species List