Monthly Archives: November 2017

Working holiday to the Auvergne, central France, February 2018

We are looking for a team of 10-12 enthusiasts to join us in        February 2018 (12th – 22nd) for our first working holiday to the    very rural village of Taxat-Senat in the northern Auvergne in   France, to work for 5-6 days with the community to improve their local environment (tree planting, […]


Nether Cerne Woodland thinning and firewood project

EuCAN has undertaken a major new project in the woodland at Nether Cerne (where we have previously worked for Butterfly Conservation to enhance the habitat for the Duke of Burgundy butterfly). We are contracted to drastically thin out the ash, sycamore, beech and Lawson’s Cypress in this plantation which was originally established on pristine chalk […]