Sustainable Forestry Workshop Estonia October 2018

Following the successful workshops in Milverton Somerset and in Serbia, Forum Synergies in collaboration with our EuCAN partners ELF, the Estonian Fund for Nature, organised a third Sustainable Forestry Workshop for October 18th – 21st 2018. It was held in the Alutaguse area in north-eastern Estonia, a region of dense forest and some superb peat mires. We worked with ELF in 2016 helping to survey the mires for Capercaillies. Click here for further info about the 2016 visit.

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The details of the background to the workshops can be found on this announcement from Forum Synergies.

A programme for the conference can be found here.

Participants made their own way to Tallinn and transport was arranged from there to eastern Estonia.

Costs: there was no fee for attending the workshop – meals and overnight accommodation were funded by Forum Synergies, the Estonian Fund for Nature and the Estonian National Foundation of Civil Society. Participants had to pay their travel costs to and from Alutaguse. In some cases contributions were made towards travel costs.

Click here to see the Flickr album for this visit.